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Wicked Kingdom: The King of Clubs Posted on 17 May 2015

King of Clubs oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

11x17" oil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper

THE KING OF CLUBS, whose kingdom's enduring peace was bought with steel and blood. The few remaining souls who have faced his armies on the field of battle tell strange stories of teeth and claws, of warriors who eat human flesh and wear the skins of fabulous beasts.

His current life is one of quiet diplomacy behind high walls; his far-seeing eyes, though, are always trained on the uneasy world beyond his guarded borders. In his armories, the forge-fires are never permitted to go out, and his beast-skin armor is never allowed to lose its polish.

A little late on the posting, but here's the latest for the Wicked Kingdom deck!

King of Hearts pencil drawing by artist Wylie Beckert

The finished pencil art, 11x17"

Part of the reason I undertook this project - and committed to doing all the paintings in traditional media - was to hone my traditional painting skills. There's been a lot of trial end error so far, but I'm slowly figuring out what works and what doesn't; I've even come across a few new techniques (kneaded erasers...on oil paint!!). If you're interested in checking out some further details on how this image came together, $5 on Patreon will buy you access all my Wicked Kingdom process tutorials to date, with more to come soon.

King of clubs oil painting in progress

King of clubs oil painting in progress

King of clubs oil painting in progress

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Will you be selling the original paintings for the card deck once you're finished? The project looks amazing so far, I'm so impressed with how seamless your designs are.

29 May 2015 09:08 pm

Wylie Beckert:

Thanks Julia! Yes, the originals will definitely be available for purchase. They already are available, in fact; I just haven't been organized enough to list them online yet. Soon, I hope!

29 May 2015 11:09 pm

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