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Wicked Kingdom: The King of Diamonds Posted on 03 Jun 2015

King of Diamonds oil painting by artist Wylie Beckert

11x17" oil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper

THE KING OF DIAMONDS, seeker of knowledge and bringer of light. Alongside his laboratories and the unimaginable libraries contained within, all other wonders of the four kingdoms pale.

It is the subject of some debate how many decades he spent shut up in the darkness, bent over scrolls and beakers - but legend generally puts the number between ten and fifteen. The fruit of his labors: a kingdom renowned for its ceaseless industry and unsurpassed wealth, whose heights and depths alike are perpetually illuminated by the harnessed light of alchemical fires.

The last of the kings for the Wicked Kingdom deck is finished!

King of Hearts pencil drawing by artist Wylie Beckert

The finished pencil art, 11x17"

Next up, I'll be starting the queens. Before I exposed the Wicked Kingdom project to the unforgiving light of day, I had all the kings thumbnailled out (and the pencil art already done for a few of them). The queens will be completely new territory - always nerve-wracking, but I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

King of diamonds oil painting in progress
For those of you who are process-minded, $5 on Patreon will buy you access all my Wicked Kingdom process tutorials to date, with more to come soon.

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Your work is SUBLIME
This piece is my fav of your Wicked Kingdom project so far, saw this on Facebook a while ago and stared for like ten minutes straight.... those goggles in particular are fantastic

23 Jun 2015 06:12 pm

Wylie Beckert:

Thanks Sabrina! This is probably one of my own favorites (so far at least - I have high hopes for the queens!)

23 Jun 2015 07:16 pm


Wylie, your work is aMAzing! So glad someone linked to it in #kidlitart :D

03 Sep 2015 10:19 pm

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