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New Work: Quanta Magazine and some Wicked Jacks Posted on 31 Jan 2016

Wylie Beckert for Quanta Magazine

Mochizuki's last stand...

With my last post being back in November, I don't suppose I'll ever get caught up on my blogging, will I? Here's a consolation prize: a piece I did a while back for Quanta Magazine. The illustration pertains to the work of mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki, whose cryptic mathematical proofs have confounded his academic colleagues. It was an interesting concept to get down on paper: the misunderstood Mochizuki atop a mountain of his writings; his bewildered fellow mathematicians forced to wade through them and make of them what they will.

Also, because my playing card deck (Wicked Kingdom!) is still alive and well, here's the latest pair of card illustrations:

Jack of Hearts playing card by Wylie Beckert for the Wicked Kingdom Deck

Jack of Hearts, 11x17" oil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper. Original available.

THE JACK OF HEARTS: One of the many industrious souls who ply their trade in the mecca of vice the kingdom's capitol has become.

The orphaned son of a vanished handmaiden, his place in the palace was lost during the upheaval caused by the old king's death. His early life on the streets was marked by hardship, struggle, and desperate acts; but a boy so very much like the old king in face and bearing proved a novelty to delight even the jaded tastes of the capitol; through wit and industry, he has managed to rise from his humble beginnings to become a courtesan of the highest order.

It would seem he could want for little now - having earned his place as a sought-after tradesman in the finest courtly houses of the kingdom and even, it is rumored, the king's own palace. But ambition, unlike lust, is not easily sated...

Jack of Clubs playing card by Wylie Beckert for the Wicked Kingdom Deck

Jack of Clubs, 11x17" oil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper. Original available.

THE JACK OF CLUBS: a deserter who, having lost his taste for war, finds himself exiled and disgraced - condemned to live as a recluse and poach the dark forests of the borderlands for whatever prey he might find there.

There are few enough left now who remember his time at the right hand of the king who fostered and trained him; but for his own part, he still he dreams of blood, and smoke, and his lost place in the walled kingdom - a position to which he has not entirely abandoned hope of restoring himself. His final chance at redemption: a treasured and elusive prey, the hunting of which will require all the skills at his disposal...

In other news, I made it to Seattle and am finally getting settled in - I've met a ton of awesome artists already, and the weather is a far sight better than I was accustomed to in Maine. A net gain overall! As for any other art that may or may have been accomplished in the past few months, I fear it is doomed to obscurity because each passing day makes it less likely that I'll get around to sifting through the wreckage of moving boxes to retrieve and document it. There are always exciting things just over the horizon, though. Onwards and upwards...

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